Unity Control Software

Communication between the floatation equipment and the Unity control software must be complete, efficient, and easy to operate. The Unity Controller uses a high end, state-of-the-art, expandable solid state circuitry. The attendant is able to pre-select introductions at the beginning and end of a session and order music from the controller`s record library or auxiliary input. All Mp3 files must be uncorrupted and tested before uploaded into Unity. Attendant monitors water temperature, filtration settings, session timing, and float tank status for up to six tanks at one time. The Unity Float Controller is able to communicate with the client and the float tank from the start to the end of the session keeping everything on schedule. A Windows operating computer is necessary for integrated control of the equipment.



The Unity automation system is designed to control float operations and provide a seamless and safe client experience. The attendant need only introduce the client to the floatation room and leave the area. The controller system guarantees a pleasant and replicable experience free from distraction. The attendant is free to carry on the business from the lobby as soon as the timer is set. An audio greeting notifies the client of the start of the session and the end. Pre-selected music is played through the float tank`s transducer speaker system. The sequential stability control system ensures a consistent client experience every time. Human error (forgetting to start/stop timers, untimely interruptions, etc.) is eliminated.

Multi-tank Commercial Control

The Unity software allows for control of multiple tanks at the same time making things easy for one operator.

Customization Controls

The chromotherapy wheel and color-code input allows full lighting customization. The LED lighting controller allows for exact color matching and color combinations in addition to control of the timing and saving of color profiles.


Unity LED Lighting Control

The Unity control system has two synchronized multi-color LED lighting connections; one inside the float tank and another for exterior accent lighting outside of the float tank.

The lighting controller allows for color and sequence selection and is programmed to gently dim on at the end of a float session. The lighting is controlled at both the lobby computer with the software and with a physical button inside the float tank.


Unity Sound System

The Unity controller is equipped with leading audio handling system which allows you to customize the float experience. Upload your favorite stock music tracks so that they can be played at any time or select the auxiliary selection for plugging in your phone or music device. There are four customization volume settings (high, medium, low, and mute) that can be selected when floating. Below the volume settings are four switches for turning on and off the audio settings for quick selections. This is a must have for busy commercial float centers to keep your customer coming back.


Who`s Doing It Right?

Eric Sarmiento, owner of Regenerate Float Center has incorporated an experience selection page on his web site to allow customers to preview their music selection in advance of their float session.